Best Ping Pong Rubber 2020 -Buyer’s Guide

The key weapon in Ping Pong Game is the Ping Pong Racket which comes with different features. These features and qualities depend upon the Rubber. So the selection of the Rubber according to your need and game type.

This is Ping Pong Rubber upon which the movement of the ball depends. The Rubber is selected according to our will. Diverse rubbers have different uses like rubber used for speed is different than rubber used as anti-spin.

So, therefore, half of your game performance depends upon the Racket you are using. The Rackets are different for different type of game like Racket used for the defensive game is different than used in the offensive game.

Expert players will always look to buy a good rubber for his Rackets but the problem is how to know which one is the Best Ping Pong Rubber? In my review article, I will be covering top 10 best Ping Pong Rubber, this will help you know which one is best and suitable for you.

Rubber NamePerformanceAccuracyRubber Life 
DHS PF4 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Ping Pong Rubber
(Editor’s Choice)
Thickness:2.15/2.2 (mm)
95% Accurate2-5 years
Killerspin Nitrx-4z Table Tennis RubberHigh control is offered for blocks and counters 95% Accurate2-5 Years
Ultra Bite Table Tennis Rubber by Muzitao (2 Pack, 1 x Red + 1 x Black) Table Tennis Bat Replacement RubbersITF Approved rubber: This one is all legal to use anywhere. 90% Accurate1-3 Years
Butterfly Sriver-EL Rubber Sheet
Speed: 10
Spin: 8
Density: 35
90% Accurate1-3 years
DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Rubber with a Landson Wrist Guard (39°/2.2)Stronger Spin Thickness: 2.15/2.20 (mm)/Hardness: 39, 40, 41 95% Accurate3-5 years
YASAKA Mark V HPS Soft Color- Black, Thickness-Max Speed: 9.8
Spin: 10
Control: 6.5
90% Accurate8-10 Years
Butterfly TENERGY 05 Rubber Sheet
Butterfly's new technology "Spring Sponge" 95% Accurate5-7 Years
Gambler Burst 2.1mm 2 Table Tennis Rubber Set (2 Sheets)USATT APPROVED for National play 90% Accurate5-8 Years
KOKUTAKU 868 Spin Power (Power Green Sponge) Table Tennis Rubber, Black
Newly developed table tennis rubber with power green sponge 95% Accurate5-10 Years
Killerspin GT2 Table Tennis Rubber - 2.0mm
Ratings Speed 9.6, Spin 9.6, Control 8.8 90% Accurate8-10 Years

1.DHS PF4 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Ping Pong Rubber

If you are a good player of ping pong game or you love to play it you must know that there is a separate Racket more exact to say separate ping pong rubber for every level of the game.

There are many companies that manufacture these Rubbers of which there are few who got listed in top ten.

One such brand is DSH. It is an American brand the official supplier and sponsor of Olympics games and world table tennis championships.

The DHS is best known for producing the best Ping Pong goods.

The products of this brand are always designed for a professional game with high quality under the care of experts and professional players.

One of his product regarding The Best Ping Pong Rubber is discussed here with its features and dimensions.


If you are looking a rubber for the offensive game you are at right place, the DHS PF4 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Ping Pong Rubber is designed for the attacking game. its thickness varies from 1.6, 1.8 and 2.00 mm.

In the construction, the rubber used is extracted from the new technology called sulfurization. A dense hard sponge is endorsed by it and a cement is supplemented between the Sponge and the Rubber which makes it more powerful, strong and suitable for the hard-hitting game.

It comes in black or red in color which is an official color for the Ping Pong Racket is used by Chinese in world championships and won the championship. The new PF4 was released in 2006 which was suitably designed for loop drive with hard hitting fast game. This is designed to produce high speed and powerful stroke. Which makes it Best Ping Pong Rubber for offensive game players.

If you want to impress your opponent with speed, hard-hitting and powerful strokes, you need to buy DHS PF4 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Ping Pong Rubber for your best ping pong racket.

  • It is good for loop drive and fast attack and player can defense well with this rubber
  • The rubber used in the construction is obtained with sulfurization technology for its power and speed.
  • The Rubber Provides long lasting stickiness.
  • It is Suitable for quick attack
  • The Rubber is used in international tournaments
  • It comes in traditional colors red and black, which is suitable for tournament type of the Game.
  • This rubber is fast and powerful hence can’t be used in tournaments
  • Only used by experts player having control over their shorts

2.Killerspin Nitrx-4z Table Tennis Rubber

Killerspin is one of the leading brands in the production of ping pong goods.

It has been good material and experts to carve out a high-quality product according to wishes and needs of the players.

The products belonging to this brand provide a good game with durability.

The Killerspin brand always produces goods with new technology to facilitate the users with newly added features, which eventually produce a big change in the field of sports and good learning tools as well. One of its best product in the category of The Best Ping Pong Rubber is Killerspin Nitrx-4z Table Tennis Rubber. Next paragraphs contain the details of this product.

If you want to spin this could be the masterpiece for you. It is sticky but thin top-pest which is responsible for a good quality spin in service and is designed suitably for the powerful hitting offense game. The product is made in China.

Killerspin Nitrx-4z Table Tennis Rubber is approved by both USA Table Tennis and International Table Tennis Federation for tournaments level of games. it is 2.1 mm thick sheet which provides protection to the Racket along with providing a good surface for a heavy spin during service and powerful strokes. It also works as anti-spin for coming shot.  Which testifies it to be the Best Ping Pong Rubber.

It is used in an international tournament as it comes in traditional colors black and red. It is also suitable for a game of third-ball attack. If you are looking for a Rubber having a good quality spin, counter-spin and hard-hitting, you are definitely looking the best brand of Killerspin named Nitrx-4z Table Tennis Rubber. Loved by most players.

  • It is approved by International table tennis federation and USA table tennis
  • The rubber is suitable for world-class blade
  • It proves good spin, high speed and powerful hitting with anti-spin for coming shot
  • It weighs 45-46 grams which make the Racket less weighted easy to move with good recovery time after each shot.
  • Comes in traditional colors Black and red.
  • Can be used for training level
  • It is suitable all type of games but it is stickier
  • According to some clients, it has some quality control issues.
  • Suitably designed for the armature level of the game for training only

3.Ultra Bite Table Tennis Rubber by Muzitao (2 Pack, 1 x Red + 1 x Black) Table Tennis Bat Replacement Rubbers

Some of the companies are busy in making products with the capability of renewing your old things and helping you in saving money. In sports field especially in ping pong game, there are lots of equipment which are converted to the new look by the addition a new part instead of buying a whole new tool, saving a plenty of money.

The product we are discussing is the Best Ping Pong Rubber Category and belong to Muzitao brand. This product can save your money it capable giving new look to your old ping pong blade/ping pong paddle.

The Mzitao brand produced a high-quality ping pong Rubber with a capability of converting trashy paddle into racket which could have high-quality spin. This product is very suitable for the beginners which have just started the games and still are introduction section.

This pack of two rubbers Black and red is cheap and easily available. This product can help you to convert your old shoddy rackets into playable ping pong Rackets without wasting your money. These newly converted rackets are suitable for training.

The UltraBite Table Tennis Rubber is fit for every size of the Racket. It is more sticky which makes it long lasting and counter-spin for coming ball.

  • It is sickly which makes it good useful weapon for the heavy spin
  • It is approved by International table tennis federation
  • Comes with two rubber black and red the traditional colors for ping pong Rackets
  • Provides high-quality spin.
  • It is proper in every quality but some clients complain about the quality control issues

4.Butterfly Sriver-EL Rubber Sheet

When you search for the best brands for Ping Pong Game you will never miss a name Butterfly. A brand busy in the production of the best goods to ensure the quality game.  Since very beginning Butterfly brand is famous for the carving out products according to the need every one. These products are designed according to the game type with reliability and durability.

If you want to buy a quality product with long life and standard parameters you need to buy a Butterfly brand, you will feel that you are playing a professional game. This product will give you the best play time.

In the category of The Best Ping Pong Rubber, one of the best product of butterfly is Sriver-EL with all the qualities a good player looking for. Here are more details

A well-balanced Top-sheet for best Ping Pong Racket between power and control can’t be other than Butterfly Sriver-EL Rubber Sheet. It made up of intermediate soft elastic sponge, which makes it perfect for generating heavy spin with using power swing. It also provides good power and counter attack for coming spin even for a hard short.

Sriver-EL Rubber Sheet comes in black color. Its thickness varies in between 1.7, 1.9 and 2.1 mm. it is stickier which makes it long lasting. It uses a high-quality sponge which provides high speed, power, and spin with great balance making Best Ping Pong Rubber for each kind of game from training to tournament level of the game.

If you are looking forward to taking your game to next level you need to use best goods for training one such tool for you can be the Sriver-EL Rubber Sheet which provides you every necessary quality required for training and taking your game to expertise level.

  • Provide balance high speed, Power, and Spin
  • It is sticker which makes it long lasting
  • Provide good counter attack to coming spin
  • Best suited for training to take your game to next level
  • Made up of high-quality sponge which makes it durable as well
  • Some clients complain about the quality control issues
  • The ping pong rubber is a bit slower than the normal Sriver products

5.DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Rubber with a Landson Wrist Guard (39°/2.2)

The DHS a Chinese brand best know from a long time ago for the production of best sports goods. Especially in the field of ping pong game. The DHS has produced many amazing products suitable for both learners and experts, in both of the game times indoor as well as outdoor. It is still producing proudly the equipment used all over the world with high quality and long life.

The DHS has been the official supplier of Ping Pong Goods in Olympics in 2008 and 2012 games. this brand also has been the official supplier in Table Tennis World Championship in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 games.

Here one of the best product belong to this brand, in the category of The Best Ping Pong Rubber, named Hurricane 3 Neo Rubber is under Review. It comes in top ten Best Table tennis Rubbers.

Hurricane 3 Neo Rubber on the best product of DHS comes in black and red colors, the official colors for the ping pong rackets. It is manufactured to facilitate new players to improve their game to next level. It consists of the powerful NEO Sponge along with Hurricane 3 Rubber with special stickiness which gives it stability and very quick arc enabling a player to score more making it Best Ping Pong Rubber.

It is best suited for a heavy spin, high speed and low fast loop which makes it more suitable for training purposes to allow the new players to learn shorts perfectly with a professional Racket to take their game to next level. It contains all good qualities one looks for in a Best Ping Pong Rubber.

If you are looking to buy a Rubber capable of making your old blade into new best Racket with Heavy spin, High speed and power you are looking for Hurricane 3 Neo Rubber which gives you all these qualities together.

  • Made up of NEO sponge and Hurricane 3 Rubber with more Stickiness ensuring long life
  • It provides heavy spin with high speed
  • Best suited for professional training
  • Comes in traditional Black and Red colors
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Some of the clients say that it is very slow and the rubber used is not of good quality to be used in the professional games
  • Can’t be used in offensive game and is suited for defensive game
  • There are some quality issues in the construction of the Rubber

6.YASAKA Mark V HPS Soft Color- Black, Thickness-Max

The YASAKA brand is known for production Goods with variations according to the game mode currently running in the tournaments by adding some good materials in the equipment or by changing the production techniques.

It always has produced goods with all the qualities required by the people and to enhance the gaming skills

One of the best product in the category of Best Ping Pong Racket belong to YASAKA is Mark V HPS Soft, which is suitably designed for the offensive game.

Nowadays game has become fast and powerful to cope with it this can help you to enhance your gaming skills.

The rubber techniques of the TASAKA are at the leading edge of taking a crucial step in the production of the Table Tennis Rubber.

When speed glue and the Booster were banned by the International Table Tennis Federation the YASAKA started to find the alternative solution which could provide an as fast game as these materials provided. Finally, Mark V HPS was designed by YASAKA for an offensive game to fill the game of speed glue and Booster.

The Mark V HPS comes in traditional black and red colors with new Japanese Rubber Technology. It is specially designed for high speed and heavy spin. It is lightly weighted to make the Racket suitable for quick shorts play with improved recovery time.

The Mark V HPS uses a softer Spongy than regular ones which make it Best Ping Pong Rubber for hard and powerful hitting game. It is very easy to move and recover after every short.  Best suitable for developing skills and taking game to next level.

The rubber contains every quality you need for a professional game and for the improvement of the gaming skills. It is stickier ensuring the durability.

  • It provides high power with heavy spin
  • Is durable
  • Suitable for training as well as tournaments game
  • Can be best to enhance your gaming skills
  • Made of good quality sponge using Japanese new technology of Rubber
  • It is lightly weighted to make it easy to move and play powerful shorts
  • According to some of the clients, it does not come true to their expectations
  • More suitable for training level of game only
  • There are also some quality control issues

7.Butterfly TENERGY 05 Rubber Sheet

The Butterfly Brand is known to be the Best Ping Pong Goods-producing brand since very earlier time. In every category of Ping Pong Equipment, its products are available in best top ten products.

This brand is producing goods according to needs and requirements game. The products belonging to this Brand are both complete and balanced in having the necessary Qualities for learners as well as professionals.

One of the best product in the category of the Best Ping Rubber belonging to this Brand is TENERGY 05 Rubber Sheet designed to cope with the new challenges in Table Tennis Game.

The best rubber designed by Butterfly brand using new Spring Sponge technology which allows the racket to hold the ball for longer making it very good for counter-attack especially when it is a powerful fast speed game with heavy spin proving high grip.

TENERGY 05 Rubber Sheet combines the new technology of Spring Sponge, the rubber of high tension and a sticker surface to make a good quality rubber capable of giving new look to your old Racket along with heavy Spin, Power, and Speed. The Table Tennis Rubber is used by expert players and is admired as well.

  • It provides supper speed, power, and good spin
  • It is durable and remain stuck to the blade for a long time
  • Due to new spring sponge technology, it provides good counter attack for incoming ball
  • Suitable for powerful hitting
  • There are some come complains about the new technology that after some play time it starts to hold the ball for more time than required.
  • It is bit costly

8.Gambler Burst 2.1mm 2 Table Tennis Rubber Set (2 Sheets)

Gambler is also one of the good selling brands of sports goods, known for their best quality and strength.

Gambler brand also produces ping pong goods including ping pong Rackets, Balls tables etc. one the Best product of Gambler in the field of Best Ping Pong Rubber is Burst 2.1mm 2 Table Tennis Rubber. Best known for its durability, strength, and stickiness.

The one under review is the best product of Gambler brand with almost every quality this is a need for a good game.

The Burst Table Tennis Rubber is suitably designed to attain the High Speed, Heavy Spin and high control for best performance even in the international level game.  The Rubber used is of high quality and suitable for tournaments game.

It is 2.1 mm thick with black and red colors which are standard colors. It is approved by International table tennis Federation and USA Table Tennis for international play. It is suitable for both training and competition level of the game.

  • It is approved by International Table Tennis Federation for international game and by the USA for National Play
  • Provides high-speed great spin and good control
  • Ultra stickiness makes it durable
  • Comes with one black and one red blade tops
  • Liked by experts as well
  • It is designed with every quality for good game, however, there still are some complaints from the clients.

9.KOKUTAKU 868 Spin Power (Power Green Sponge) Table Tennis Rubber, Black

KOKUTAKU Brand comes in the list of top leading companies which produce good quality sports goods. This brand is always producing products from the high-quality material under the care of experts to provide a suitable and demanded product.

868 Spin Power Table Tennis Rubber is the Best Ping Pong Rubber belonging to this Brand. Next few paragraphs will cover more qualities which may attract your mind to buy it.

The table tennis rubber is made from a newly refined power green sponge, which is more sticker and softer. This makes it produce high spin along with blocking the incoming spin. It is suitable for both pieces of training as well as a tournament game.

It is manufactured in China from a rubber approved by International Table Tennis Federation.  Come in black colored to the sheet with 2.2 mm thickness.

  • It uses rubber approved by ITTF
  • Best suited for Players who are spin oriented
  • Suitable for all type of games
  • Durable because of the use of sticker rubber
  • According to some clients, there are some quality control issues

10.Killerspin GT2 Table Tennis Rubber – 2.0mm

Killerspin is the name of the best brand of the Ping Pong goods. It has been producing high-quality equipment to improve the game as well as to play with the national as well international tournaments. This brand always brings something new to the products necessary for the game currently being played.

One such product in the category of Best Ping Pong Rubber is GT2 Table Tennis Rubber. All of its qualities are covered in next few paragraphs of this article.

A good product approved by International Table Tennis Federation for tournaments play come with a thickness of 2.00 mm making suitable to use on your best ping pong paddle. It has the ability to convert your old blade into a new one with high Speed, power and more spin required when you are playing in a competition. It is suitable for both competitions as well as for training which makes it the Best Ping Pong Rubber.

  • It is approved by ITTF
  • Suitable for both training and tournament play
  • Provide heavy spin
  • Contain elastic sheet which produces spin and hard sponge which provides power
  • Comes with 30 days warranty
  • Some clients complain about the stickiness of the material that it soon starts to leave the stickiness


Up to now you would have been familiar with the characteristics and qualities that a Best Ping Pong Rubber must have and decide well which one is suitable product for you but according to me

Best product you shout buy is Butterfly Sriver-EL Rubber Sheet or DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Rubber with a Landson Wrist Guard (39°/2.2) Because both these Ping Pong Rubbers are best to provide you High Speed, great spin powerful stroke with Parameters that are set by International Table Tennis Federation for a rubber to be used in National and international tournaments.

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