Best Ping Pong Robot –Automatic Server (2020) Buyer’s Guide

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, up to now the best table tennis robot trainer is the ipong v300 Robot. The robot table tennis training is the recent invention, which is commercially introduced around the 1980s. Since then, the experts are innovating to design a robot with high efficiency and steadiness and its validity to train a beginner as well as an expert.

While in producing the quality product thousands of the products have been introduced which make a buyer restless to buy which one of them.

For the clearance of what should you buy my review article can be helpful to a great extent.

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Robot NameCapacityAccuracyRobotLife 
iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot
(Editor’s Choice)
100 Balls95% Accurate8-10 years
Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 Ping-Pong Robot200+ Balls95% Accurate8-10 Years
JOOLA iPong V100 Table Tennis Trainer Robot
(Editor’s Choice)
100 Balls95% Accurate5-8 Years
Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Digital Table Tennis Robot
170 Balls90% Accurate5-7 years
Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 Table Tennis Machine
120 Balls95% Accurate8-10 years
Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot
120 Balls90% Accurate8-10 Years
Butterfly Amicus Advance Robot
120 Balls95% Accurate5-7 Years
Newgy Robo-Pong 1050+ Digital Table Tennis Robot
200 Balls90% Accurate5-8 Years
HUI PANG-07 Table Tennis Robot
110 Balls95% Accurate5-10 Years
Table Tennis Robot Oukei TW2700 S9
100 Balls90% Accurate8-10 Years

1. iPong V300 2017 the best Robot table tennis trainer

iPong V300 is innovated with high accuracy and consistency. Due to having the manual setting, it is best for beginners as well as experts.

iPong V300 Robot’s wirelessly controllability through remove with a digital display for easy control and shot setting make it unique and effortless to use.

Its adjustability to the ball frequency, oscillations from side to side, the speed of tap spin and speed of the backspin make it feel you that you are playing with a man rather than the Robot.

Ability to hold 100 balls make iPong V300 a source of long-lasting fun for you.

If you really love to learn table tennis at home, you can’t find the best product other than ipong V300 Robot because it has strong ball launching, high spinning factor, long-term performance, it has a new feeder disc design which is specially designed for prevention of the ball jam.

iPong V300 is the best robot which helps professional table tennis player play accurately. it includes so many features to work with it and strong their shorts and weaknesses.

Ipong V300 Is Best Robot
It has also a memory button which saves your setting in what range you like to play this is the simple and affordable robot. If you use it while training yourself or you are thinking to beat your next opponent with whom you are going to battle in the field this robot has a functionality to improve your skills.
The motors and shooting wheels are greatly improvedIt is costly than other products.
Feeder disc design has made it ball jam less
It shoots adjustable with pausing ability
It is having memory to save your settings
It is accurate and consistent

2. NewgyRobo-Pong 1040 Ping-Pong Robot

A best and professional table tennis player always seeks challenges, for that he/she tries to improve skills that’s why a table tennis player always looks for a great opponent and there should be something which helps a table tennis player for that engineers have created table tennis robots. And robots have the ability to train for that try ping pong robot

Robo- Pong 1040 Best Ping Pong Robot

It has ability store multiple balls in a basket extension it means Robot ping pong 1040 has the ability to hold more than 200 balls rather than 90

Table tennis robot made for tennis players this robot is identified with his faster-throwing ball speed which helps a table tennis player to improve his skills

It has also the ability to spin the balls in many ways topspin, combination spin, left sidespin, right sidespin.

Something is twisting in table tennis robots shooting selections like the counter, fast loop, chop, lob, serve, and push.

Another functionality makes this Robot awesome that is oscillation functionality that means they can throw balls to the different location rather than firing at on spot

Robo pong is the best robot is not expensive than old ping pong it will be useless to spend money old version table tennis Robot then pay little get good Robot with incredible features.

As you can see these robots has good characteristic including analog remote control and you might be unaware controls, remote control of this Robot allows you to set ball speed and also ball frequency

And the main characteristic is oscillation speed the way this Robot move makes a table tennis player out of sense.

NewgyRobo-Pong 1040 is good for newbies

Not difficult to set up just put out Robot from packing and make it stand too close the table for what purpose you bring at your home and nothing difficult to handle it when you are done just lift him off.

After getting this robot you will enjoy more as you can’t even imagine this type of buying products creates good personality and makes you awesome and perfect.

Even you can play with your family and friends by giving hard challenges

Ping pong 1040 robot brings changes in normal player and he/she becomes good in offensive and defensive.

Analogue controlNet is made up of plastic (but well made)
Holds 200 balls rather than 90Not for the new player
It improves skills
Oscillation functionality
Remote control and Easy to handle

3. JOOLA iPong V100 Table Tennis Trainer Robot, Red

Looking for a partner which can spare with you while playing table tennis? That’s why we have brought for all table tennis players or lovers a trainer which helps to increase skills from lower level too soon.

Table tennis robots come in many shapes but it’s good to know which is better to buy for beginners even for family and friends so that’s mostly people recommend ping pong v100 robot

Ping pong the best robot v100

All ping pong robots are made for table tennis which helps a user to train but this ipong v10 mostly used for beginners.

A robot consists of so many features with unbelievable performance,

This machine is more like opponent as much as you play with this the ipong v100 will turn you into the sweat with incredible features you will enjoy more.

This robot has specialty to shot balls according to your desire it can shoot more than 100 balls before it gets loaded,

Shooting balls with spins this makes v100 robot more twisting so that you can increase your level

For that you need to use wired remote it’s because you can set spins according to your desire,

It is suitable for every leveled player,

It is basic table tennis robot this robot can hold 100 balls,


JOOLA iPong V100 Table Tennis Trainer Robot is perfect

Ipong is light weighted it is designed with plastic coating and super portable

Setting this robot is easy just put it on opposite side of the table and also take the remote and place it close to you.

There is no need to wait anymore so hurry up and get it now and start your training from today there nothing more to tell you this would be enough for the ipong v100 robot.

Excellent performance Attached remote but good to use
Maximum speed of shooting ballsNot digital
Topspin is Amazing
Holds ball approximate to 100
Easy to use
Specially made for beginners

4. Ping-Pong 2050 Digital Table Tennis Robot

For a table tennis player, this would be open challenge to play with Ping-Pong 2050 Digital Table Tennis Robot is the best while playing with ping pong robot you remain healthy and fit and this robot increases your skills, this helps as trainer when you are alone at home or you are with your family and friends you can enjoy with ping pong robot 2050.

Best ping pong 2050 robot:

Table tennis robot gives a hard time to play and here is everything you need to know which features are included in Ping-Pong 2050

This robot is updated version of Ping-Pong 1040 Table Tennis Robot this robot was analog and as the time pass table tennis robots were modified and converted them analog to digital

Best robot it is light to pick, it has the weight close to 20 pounds.

Max ball frequency it depends on the model what has frequency this robot can go 85 up to 170 balls in one minute

Generates the max ball speed 65 to 75 this is most and incredible feature which makes a player to attract.

This robot also includes RPM its unknown but when it is settled at max it becomes as heavy as any loop drive

It has the capacity to store 120 balls more than old table tennis robots and

You may have seen so many robots,

It is unique from all it’s because in other table tennis robots may not have spin capability like backspin, topspin, and sidespin or you can combine sidespin with backspin or sidespin

You can set manually to rotate the head of Ping-Pong 2050 robot it is adjustable you can move his head up and down according to angle.

Ping-Pong 2050 robot is good for Professionals

For your more reliability, this table tennis robot has a separate stand to change the height.

The best robot of all time it has oscillation ability this makes excellent coverage of table.

Most of all features are remote controlled and it easy to use,

Recycling feature is included in ping pong 2050 digital robot having the net which recycles all balls.



Digital robot and Light WeightNet is made up of plastic (but good one)
Maximum ball frequency Not for the new player
Maximum ball speed
Storage of balls is excellent
Spin and Oscillation ability
Adjustable robot and Recycling balls

5. Robo-Pong 2040 Best Table Tennis Machine

While living all-time at home you get bored there should be something which really entertains you, therefore, we have brought for you a table tennis robot which really interesting and good for table tennis players even for family and friends,

Once you bring this at your home or somewhere else you and your friends become habitual of ping pong 2040 robots.

The Best Ping Pong: Robo-Pong 2040 Table Tennis Machine

 When you are ready to have fun here is something for you, a table tennis robot it has incredible features and robot producing company has improved and well designed.

This would be your personal training robot it can play at any level,

It’s different from other models this robot’s controls are analog this makes it so easier to use for family and children.

Controls for balls this robot is improved by speed of balls and can be set at any frequency by user

It has same oscillation functionality as ping pong 1040 that means this robot can move balls around eight locations,

Recycling net system is also improved before what used to happen when anyone tries to play there was no recycling system that’s why we decided to improve according to your needs.

Now it is designed as it captures your balls and recycles the balls for non-stop action.

Topspin left sidespin and right sidespin, backspin, and combination spin these are all functionalities have found in ping pong robot 2040 and many more twists.

Robo-Pong 2040 Table Tennis Machine
It has also a memory button which saves your setting in what range you like to play this is the simple and affordable robot. If you use it while training yourself or you are thinking to beat your next opponent with whom you are going to battle in the field this robot has a functionality to improve your skills.
Analog controlling It’s analog but good to use
Improved and well designed Not for inexperienced
Oscillation functionality
Moves balls around eight locations
Shooting selections and Spins functionality
Adjustable and easy to move

6. Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot

 Indoor games lover and lone training lovers can’t wait to buy A Ping Pong Robot after reading this review.

Instead of working hours and hours with a trainer to make your shorts better and strong you need to buy a Robot with the variety of boll throwing capabilities.

The Robot training, along with having many advantages over man trainer it also will cost for once instead of paying the dollar per month.

While looking for a Robot trainer you will come to know many Ping Pong Robots with various advantages but none of them is able to be compared with Buttery Amicus Professional Robot Ping Pong Robot. This is not professional only by name but has all most all those qualities that you expect in a professional trainer.

Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot: The Best Ping Pong Robot:

The Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot is a best table tennis trainer and a realist gaming Robot. You can have a good training player in the form of this robot.

This Ping Pong Robotcan be configured very easily to a frequency ranging from very beginning to very high. It divides your training into small sections each training includes 6 balls. It is capable of throwing 120 balls per minute with 4 level height adjustments.

These are present in variety of designed to meet the requirement of under training players new to this game or professionals. It can be assembled very quickly and is very light weighted which makes it portable, reliable and comfortable.

The qualities which make Butterfly Amicus Robot, Professional Ping Pong Robot include the adjustability to variable topspin, backspin, sidespin and no spin of the balls which is achieved by three rollers.

Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot

It is excellent for both high-intensity stroke training and in setting your body movement perfect to the professional level.

There is no any single quality you are looking for, in a professional trainer, which is not included in The Best Ping Pong Robot the Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot. It is perfect for training in all aspects.

Spin, speed, trajectory, and placement of the ball can be adjusted It is manually set
It can memorize up to 22 exercisesIt does not have remote control facility
It contains new function of Automatic frequency control
It is flexible and easy to take everywhere

7. The butterfly Amicus Advance Robot

 A good and quality training is always a base to produce a professional player with perfection in shots, footwork, and techniques. For such Quality training, the Best Ping Pong robot can be a suitable and smart choice. These Robots are certified by many table tennis training institutes to be complete and proper in each aspect of training.

The butterfly Amicus is striving from its earlier days to produce quality products to facilitate the new as well as professional players. While doing so they produced Best Ping Pong robots with a variety of models for all kind of training to fill full the requirement of every individual.

With need, new features are added to the new model as Butterfly Amicus Advance Robot is extended version of Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot.

The butterfly Amicus Advance the World’sBest Ping Pong Robot.

The perfection in any game including table tennis can only be achieved by good exercise and good exercise is one which enables you to remove your weaknesses and to make your best shots perfect as no one except you could play.

For such exercise, the Best Ping Pong Robot can be the Butterfly Amicus Advance because it includes a feature that enables you to adjust individual exercise for each ball. Adjustability of the ball includes the Spinning factor, Speed, Trajectory and Placement of the ball. It also enables you to save 22 exercise saving efforts by adjusting exercise each time.

The butterfly Amicus Advance Robot

It also includes the Automatic Frequency control feature for automatic adjustment of the time interval between each ball of different speed and spin.

All the feature one wish to find in a Best Ping Pong Robot are present in Butterfly Amicus Advance Robot, so without wasting your time buy it to carry out your daily exercises with accuracy and consistency.

Quickly assemble able.No remote control service.
Comfortable to carry because it weighs only 6-kilograms.Slightly different in cost.
It has three rollers for top spin, back spin, side spin and No Spin.
It can throw up to 120 balls in a minute.
It includes 10 pre-programmed exercises
Service is also included in complete ball sequence.

8. Newgy Robo-Pong 1050+ Digital Table Tennis Robot

Take your game to next level with innovation you can develop your skills, table tennis robots are made for to train a weak player or user, for those who are intent to battle with friends and family

Like legends says that practice makes man perfect then go on and make yourself habitual of Ping-Pong 1050 robot if you are a true table tennis player. With incredible features, this is reliable and long-lasting.

Newgy 1050 PING PONG IS BEST ROBOT for Professionals

 This robot is almost identical to ping pong 2050 except one feature it doesn’t have recycling net system

It has programmed drills for different playing levels like foot works, train strokes, transition and other skills,

Fully remote controlled a user can change setting anytime and can keep in any mode

Contains digital control panel with six languages and this robot is user free and

With ball bucket, it can hold more than 200 balls and it has the ability go on for several minutes’ nonstop play.

Shoots the ball continuously does not stops or stuck for a point

It’s adjustable you can position ping pong 1050 anywhere, anytime It also includes manual system in which you can move this robot up and down, left, right according to angel

For a user, it comes with 64 preprogrammed drills that means you can be trained by robot rather than working with another partner

Ping pong Robots are not heavy, has the weight close to 20 pounds.

While playing a user wants some twists for that spins are included topspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, and most and hard spin which makes this special that is combination spin.

Oscillation ability this makes excellent coverage of table, and much other functionality

Ping-Pong 1050+ Digital Table Tennis Robot

Shooting selections let you realize what things a user got to learn? In which shots have given serve, chop push, counter, lob, fast loop.

Head angle adjustment lets a user go from low serves to high lobs,

This would be all enough to improve skills and jump to the next level and make yourself capable for the world table tennis experts


Fully remote controlled and Digital RemoteNot for inexperienced player
Not too much heavyRecycling balls net is not given
Maximum ball frequency and Maximum ball speed
Holds balls approximate 200
Spin capability increased
Shooting capability and Adjustable robot

9. HUI PANG-07 Table Tennis Robot, Serves 36 Different Spin Balls, Automatic Table Tennis Machine for Training

Due to the large advancement in the field of science and technology, the Robots are being used in every field including sports training. The Ping Pong Robots are very famous nowadays for table tennis training.

According to experts and player, a Best Ping Pong Robot must include these things:

  • It must be easily adjustable.
  • It must be reliable and comfortable.
  • It must have a variety of ball throws.
  • It must contain an option to set our desired ball and shot.
  • It must have good spinning and trajectory factor.
  • It must be accurate and consistent.

If you are looking for such a perfect Robot you are left with one option HUI Pang-07 Table tennis Robot. My review will make you more clear about this Ping Pong Robot.

The Best Ping Pong Robot HUI Pang-07 Table tennis Robot. 

It’s is what a good player want for his training, let me tell you that HUI Pang -07 Robot is an automatic machine with 36 different spin balls.

Along with being accurate and consistent, it has enough large capacity of 110 table tennis. The spin of the ball can be adjusted by twisting the rotary button.

This Ping Pong Robotis a wired remote controllable which makes it be easily adjustable with various functions without leaving the table, hence you can set every ball with any trouble.

HUI PANG-07 Table Tennis Robot is good in Serve

Its position can set at any point of the table very easily according to your will. More importantly, you can change it as well during your exercise session.

If you want to train yourself at home with very simple and self-adjusted exercises and also want to have fun with your friends and family you are left with one choice that is Best Ping PongHUI Pang-07 Table tennis Robot.

It is wired remote controlled Robot.No wireless Remote Control
It can accommodate 110 table tennis.
It serves 36 different spin balls.
A variable frequency having a range from very low to high level.
Spin capability increased
It is very easy and comfortable carry everywhere due to its weight 3.5 kg

10. Table Tennis Robot Oukei TW2700 S9 Professional Serving Machine Ping Pong

The Robot training became very famous in a short interval of time which resulted in the production of many machines of similar functionality. Due to the presence of a large variety of similar products one can’t decide what he should buy and what he should not. I will you to get rid of this confusion through this review. After going through this review article you will come to know which product you should buy and why.

There are many but among The Best Ping Pong Robots, the Table Tennis Robot Oukei TW2700 S9 Professional rests in the topmost products. It is a complete good training machine which you can use at home. It is really exciting and good source to have fun with friends and family.

All the qualities that a Best Ping Pong Robot you think must contain are present it the Oukei TW2700 S9 Professional. It allows you to set own desired setting to learn specific shot and learn footwork as well…

The Best Ping Pong Robot the Table Tennis Robot Oukei TW2700 S9 Professional:

The Oukei TW2700 S9 Professional Robot is designed for the training requirements of immature to professional players.

It is intelligent in sense, in random mode it can through the mixture of balls of the top and backspin with different level of spin and trajectory.

It contains 5 built-in programs which serve professional player more than 200 combination services it also provides memory for 5 more programs which you set by your own desire.

It gives choices of 9 modes of spin. Which are:

  • Topspin
  • Backspin
  • Left side spin
  • Left side topspin
  • Left side backspin
  • Right side spin
  • Right side topspin
  • Right side backspin
It is dual headed to provide top and backspinIt only works with new Polly balls of 40mm only.
It provides frequency range from 30 to 100 balls per minute with speed ranging from 4 to 40 meters per second.
It comfortable reliable and easily portable.
It comfortable reliable and easily portable.
It can be adjusted to any point of the table.