The best Ping Pong Racket 2020-Buyer’s Guide

The table tennis game includes your best footwork, Quickness, and control over the shots. After a player has all of that qualities the main thing he needs is a good this review section 10 best ping pong rackets are covered to let you know the suitable one for you if you are a professional player.

Robot NamePerformance RatingsAccuracyRacket Life 
STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket
(Editor’s Choice)
Speed: 96 Spin: 94 Control: 9095% Accurate2-5 years
STIGA Titan Table Tennis RacketSpeed: 80 Spin: 77 Control: 8295% Accurate2-5 Years
Killer spin JET200 table tennis Paddle
(Editor’s Choice)
speed: 60 spin 70; control 85;90% Accurate1-3 Years
Duplex 6 Star ping pong paddle
Speed: 80 Spin: 77 Control: 8290% Accurate1-3 years
Diamond Stallion High tech Ping-Pong paddleNormal95% Accurate3-5 years
Killer spin JET800 SPEED N1
speed: 90 spin 90.5; control 80;90% Accurate8-10 Years
STIGA pro carbon table tennis
Speed: 99 Spin: 100 Control: 8095% Accurate5-7 Years
Butterfly 401 ShakehandSpeed 80, Spin 80, Control 8590% Accurate5-8 Years
HUI PANG-07 Table Tennis Robot
Speed: 90 Spin: 80, Control: 7095% Accurate5-10 Years
Palio Master 2 Table Tennis Racket and Case
Speed: 60, Spin: 90, Control: 10090% Accurate8-10 Years

1.STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

A company named STIGA is known to be the words leading table tennis racket brand. It has been producing good quality Ping Pong Rackets. Among its best products, STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket is one will be discussed here.

Those people who have some experience of playing table tennis game and are willing to improve their game they will be very happy to know about this product because it is made for such players.

This Ping Pong Racket is made up of 2.00 mm thick premium rubber. Its handle has a tube which is called shock dispersion. It is a getaway for shockwaves produced during a ball hits the racket.

Premium rubber used in this Ping Pong Racket is designed by experts for players to learn the fast style of the game ta a professional level. Along with speed, the rubber produces more spin.

Because of its speed and spin, it could be the best product for players moving from beginning to their the next leve

Its blade is made up of lighted weighted wood which makes it very easy to play shots and improves its recovery time. Its wood is strong as well which make it durable.

In lots of the product in the market for new players, it could be the best Ping Pong Racket.

  • It is made up of rubber which is approved by international table tennis federation for tournament play.
  • It provides high speed and spin.
  • It has tube in the handle which prevents the shock produced when ball hit the racket
  • It is very light weighted, easy to move and recover after every shot.
  • It is best ping pong for learning.
  • It cost much more than products similar to it
  • It can’t be used for professional games.

2.STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Titan is one of the best table tennis racket made by STIGA the Swedish company the best brand for Ping Pong Rackets.

Rackets produced by STIGA Company are all made according to the standards decided by ITTF for the professional game.

These Rackets are manufactured under the care of experts with special material for different purposes like some of the STIGA Rackets are designed for High speed some for the better spin of the ball some for judgment of the coming spin of the ball.

These all are lightweight which makes them be good for recovery time.

It is made from STIGA streams inverted rubber which is testified by ITTF for all kind of games. Its rubber is 2 mm thick with a blade made from 5 layers of light-weighted wood which makes it easy to play shots quickly with improved recovery time.

It is less expensive Racket designed for new players, with great grip control and its rubber will help them to cope with the spin ball. It can be helpful to them to improve their gaming skills and reach their game to next level.

It contains all most every quality necessary for a learning player at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a long lasting with strong shots and a great spin of the ball your choice must be the STIGA titan table tennis Racket.

  • Provide high performance for every kind of tournament.
  • Sharpen blade which provides speed and power to shot
  • STIGA titan is ITTF approved.
  • It has a great grip which allows the player to play shots perfectly and improve recovery time.
  • Can’t be used for training.
  • Only used for the professional game.

3.Killer spin JET200 table tennis paddle

Day by day gaming is getting the level of high professionalism, to run in the competition one needs to practice daily to improve his game skills and to bring perfection in shots.

In this regard for such practices in the field of table tennis, many companies are in a struggle to carve out the Best Ping Pong Racket which could fill full the training requirements.

One such product is Killer spin JET200 table tennis paddle. Specially designed to carry out the regular drill for ping-pong game.

You can improve your gaming skills to next level by practice, best practice can be achieved with the best equipment in every kind of activity, so if you are looking for a Best Ping Pong Racket for daily exercise let me introduce you to killer spin JET200 table tennis paddle.

This Racket is designed to sharpen your skills as by providing a great balance between speed and control.

This racket comes with two 1.8 mm rubber layers, with black and blue in color. Its blade is made up of 5 layers of a lightweight wood which makes it strong and efficient in recovery time. Its handle is green in color.

It is designed to achieve comfortably 3 main things of table tennis which are power, control, and spin. It is a bit slow because it is designed for practice purpose.

  • It is durable because it has 5 sheets of wood
  • It is good for learning exercises
  • It gives you good power control and spin
  • It comes in 3 colors other than traditional colors
  • For the protection of the sides of the Racket, a PVC tape is wrapped
  • It is stylish
  • Rubber used in the Racket is not approved by ITTF
  • It can’t be used in the tournament it is because it is not in traditional color.

4.Duplex 6 Star ping pong paddle set 2 table tennis Rackets and 3 ping pong balls

Sometimes you find lots of products with good qualities but still miss something which you find for your ease while playing.

If that missing thing is long handle it means you are looking for duplex 6-star ping pong paddle.

If you select a good Racket it will notify you to be a good sportsman along with having knowledge. In next few paragraphs, I will help you to know about one of the best table tennis rackets with all the features and qualities required for professional equipment.

It is a complete kit consisting of two Rackets and three Balls. These rackets will let you practice well, as well as you can play tournaments with them. It gives you professional quality at a low price.

These rackets are designed for power and easy movement for shots. Duplex 6 star will let you play both defensives as well as offensive games pretty well. It is manufactured with weight balance design and its weight is centered at the point where the ball comes in contact with the paddle, which gives you a well-improved recovery time and perfection in shots.

Construction of these rackets as done as per the standards set by the ITTF, which makes it be Best Ping Pong Racket. The rubber used in this Racket is long lasting.

  • It is durable.
  • It is cheaper than the similar product on the market.
  • It is a complete kit for friends and family games, training games and professional games.
  • It is designed according to the rules set by ITTF. Hence approved to be used in every tournament.
  • It is a professional Racket.
  • It can’t be used in training.

5.Diamond Stallion High tech Ping-Pong paddle

Table tennis is an energetic game which you can enjoy playing at home with family and friend and on the field with your opponent.

In either of these two cases, the game can be more loving and full of fun if you are having a Best Ping Pong Racket manufactured according to the standards set by the international table tennis federation. One such Racket is Diamond Stallion pin pong paddle.

If you really want to enjoy playing the game soon after going through my review article your choice will be this Racket.

This Racket is manufactured keeping in mind the speed, durability, control, and grip. For the flexibility, its construction consists of a layer of 2.00 mm of standard rubber this rubber also make it perfect for offensive game and spin of the ball and for its speed, power, and durability a light weighted wood is used which make it easier to play shots with high recovery time.

This ping pong racket is made of 25 layers of high technology polish which gives it a perfect grip, eventually giving it a high power for shots.

It is a durable product valid for both training and professional play.

  • It has both rubber and blade designed for competition level.
  • It is comfortable to play with.
  • It provides a high level of control, speed, and spin.
  • It cost more money than the normal product of similar type.

6.Killer spin JET800 SPEED N1 table tennis paddle

Table tennis game goes with both speed and trick. When you are talking about tricks you mean more spinning of the ball.

If your need includes more spinning with all professional qualities you must go through this review article because here I will describe you a Best Ping Pong Racket.

It is constructed with 7 layers of light weighted wood which makes it more durable and perfect for stroke shots these layers gives it more power and perfection.

In killer spin JET800 extra power is gained through two layers of carbon. With its power and performance, both are increased to competition level.

Furthermore, for spin and power 2.00 mm layer of special rubber called Nitric is used. It also provides high resistivity to the spin of the coming ball.

If you want that your opponent is impressed with your powerful shots you need to buy killer spin JET800 SPEED.

  • It gives performance and power at a high level
  • It provides a memory book
  • It uses ITTF approved rubber
  • It is light weighted with improved recovery time
  • It offers high grip
  • It can’t be used for training purpose

7.STIGA pro carbon table tennis

STIGA is one of the leading Swedish company which has produced many Best Ping Pong Rackets among which STIGA pro carbon table tennis racket is one of them.

The main quality of this company is that it produces rackets with a capability to be used for both pieces of training as well as professional games.

So in both situations, if you are the new or professional player you can go for STIGA products. Many players using STIGA brands are happy with the performance and durability of the products.

The STIGA pro carbon is designed to meet the requirement of intermediate to professional player.

It is round in shape with insurance of high performance. In its construction, its blade consists of 2 layers of carbon which increases the rigidity and response, which eventually result in the high speed and high power.

The composition of the Racket is done in Nanotechnology due to which bonds between rubbers are tighter and stronger which increase speed and spin of the ball.

Its blade is made up of very light weighted which help in the improvement of recovery time after each shot. Wood use is Balsa wood which is strong and light in weight. Its blade also uses crystal technology which increases the hardness of the surface of the blade. Harder the blade of the racket faster will be the speed. It is an ideal racket for the offensive player.

  • It gives high level of performance
  • ITTF approves it for games of the tournament
  • Due to presence of carbon layers, it becomes harder and result in high power and speed
  • Lightweight makes it better for recovery time and easy movement
  • It can’t be used for learners


8.Butterfly 401 Shakehand Table Tennis Racket with Case

For a table tennis player techniques are not good enough or being flexible while playing,

This is one of the most and aggressive innovation table tennis racket which is the important thing or tool of game which helps a player to give tough time to an opponent that’s why some designer decided to make a best shooting table tennis racket which let a player to be exhausted a review article is written for the better knowledge of the best ping pong racket.

So many sports have remained the part of the Olympics but this sport has remained very popular to the world. In this sport, there is need of some equipment most important of them is a good Ping Pong Racket. There are many products available but none of them is as good as a butterfly 401 table tennis racket,

That is why professional players prefer the Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket.

Butterfly 401 is just an equipment made for special game trainers or for those who have to keep on for a long time while playing this increase your stamina.

When someone thinks about best and high-quality table tennis racket, I personally prefer them butterfly 401

If you are thinking that there so many table tennis rackets in the market then you may not wrong but before going further just use it once then you will come to know which is good.

For making it unique it depends on you, how much you use it?

Just once you looked at butterfly 401 table tennis racket you will able to see beautifully designed edges and smooth

This racket includes a good grip, there is always so many argues occurs between players that my racket has not good grip while playing it slips out from my hand.

That’s why butterfly 401 is incredibly designed

Features of Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket it has extremely tacky type rubber around both edges

When it comes to using its light and makes perfect shots it’s plain and simple to use.

Once you used it butterfly 401 table tennis you will feel it amazing

  • It has Smooth edges
  • It provides good grip
  • Incredibly designed
  • It is unique
  • It is flexible
  • It uses good quality rubber
  • It is very light in weight
  • It is costly than similar products present in the market.
  • It can only be used by a professional player it is rather hard for the average player.


9.Butterfly Wakaba Table Tennis Racket

As a table tennis player nowadays you are having trouble while playing your table tennis racket, and you are looking for the Best Ping Pong this is also happening with others, that is why by keeping your need in mind the Butterfly Wakaba Table Tennis Racket company one of the best brand for ping pong equipment has decided to overcome this problem by producing a high quality Racket.

Which contain every quality a player and a learner will look for. Go through this review article for further information.

This table tennis racket is formulated for fast and flexible players. It is also noted that every player wants to be good table tennis player that is why manufacturing companies decided to make a fast covering racket,Wakaba table tennis racket includes good features for a new learner or even for who are experts in table tennis sport.

Professional trainers always think that which is good bat for player they usually recommended Wakaba Table tennis racket. You can check this out its rating how fast and spin this racket is?

Its light to use this is also modified it’s because when any new player used to play with old rackets their hands start to ache.

This is made as shake hand style grip soft and smooth to pick, which improves its recovery time along with being suitable for hard and powerful shots.

Most and heart touching quality which this paddle has is that it preassembled with Wakaba rubber plus. It contains a layer of that rubber which is 2 mm thick.

This table tennis racket has good grip when it comes to this every player looks grip in every racket that’s why we decided to make it more interesting by printing finger grips in the handle these all qualities are enough for this racket to make place among the Best Ping Pong Rackets.

According to manufacturer its speed is 8.5 to 10, Control 8.4 to 10, Weight 85 gram, Plies 3

This type of rackets always come in wood because wood makes a good combination with the hand like some players choice is Butterfly Wakaba Table Tennis Racket is the best bat to be played.


This can be used in tournament as it is approved by the international table tennis federation.Along with other good qualities main quality that this racket has that it is fast and good enough to beat your opponent.

If you want to go with that, is good enough to have this kind of features and much more, so hurry up grab it on the time, and be the first to get Best Ping Pong Racket.

  • It is very light in weight.
  • It is Controllable.
  • It is speedy.
  • It comes with three plies.
  • It is not made with good material.
  • Its edges are smooth.
  • It is expensive.

10.Palio Master 2 Table Tennis Racket and Case

With each level of the game equipment required are also different with different features. For a professional level, Best ping Pong Racket can a Palio Master 2 table tennis Racket.

There are many products which can help you to take your game to next level but none of them will do as perfectly as this paddle can do.  It comes with all the qualities a professional player look for in a perfect racket.

This racket is manufactured by a brand named Palio in China. It is ranked in top ten best table tennis paddle.

This paddle can be a good tool for learners and can go with them till their semi-professional level. It is having a thick layer of 2 mm of sponge, makes it speedier.

A rubber used on the top of the sponge is named as Palio CJ8000, which is very sticky, it’s stickiness is the cause of the more spin of the ball. The combination of sponge and rubber makes it balanced that allows the players feel comfortable and play shots within the level of control. Which make it to be in listed in top Best Ping Pong Rackets

Its blade is made of wood which gives it strength increasing the speed and power of the Racket. Its handle is of old designed but gives a good grip. The Palio Master paddle is international table tennis federation approved. There is not even a single quality that a Best Ping Pong Rackets could have which you do not find in Palio Master 2 table tennis racket.

  • It is designed for a great spin, power, and speed.
  • International table tennis federation approves it to be used in all tournaments
  • It can be used up to pre-professional level
  • It is durable
  • It provides good grip and control.
  • It is a bit expensive

Conclusion and Recommendations:


The ping pong game has been world famous from the beginning. So that many companies emerged to produce equipment for this game among this STIGA, Butterfly, Diamond Stallion, killer spin, Palio, and Duplex are some of the prominent leading brands.

They have produced Best Ping Pong Rackets for every level of the game from learning to expert level. A review of top 10 products from these brand is discussed above. It is still not clear which product should we buy for us? So let me tell you every product has its own features and need to buy a product that meets your the requirement.

From above discussed Ping Pong Racket for learners Palio Master 2 table tennis rackets is a good option in my point of view as it provides good control power and spin along with high resistance to incoming spin. It is bit expensive but if we see the qualities it has then its price will look to be reasonable.

In professional category STIGA, pro carbon could be the better option as two layers of carbon give it stiffness and durability with a good power and speed. It can be the Best Ping Pong Racket for you when you want to impress your opponent with hard-hitting strokes. Its light weight makes it easy to move giving it very good recovery time after each shot. It contains every quality that a professional ping pong racket must contain.

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