Best Ping Pong Balls Reviews 2020-Buyer’s Guide For Table Tennis

Ping Pong is another name of table tennis game. The ball used in this game is called Ping-Pong ball which is made under the standards defined by international table tennis federation.

Some of the important rules are

  • It must be spherical in shape
  • It must have mass of 2.7 grams
  • Its diameter must be 40 millimeter
  • It must bounce 24-26 cm when released from a height of 30.5 centimeter

There are lots brands of Ping Pong Balls but to know which one is better you need to go through this review because it covers top 10 Best Ping-Pong balls.

Table NamePerformanceAccuracyTable Life 
STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls
(Editor’s Choice)
Thickness:2.15/2.2 (mm)
95% Accurate2-5 years
50-Pack KEVENZ 3-Star 40mm Orange Table Tennis BallsLong-Lasting: the impact of not less than 1000 times, no cracks95% Accurate2-5 Years
50-Pack KEVENZ 3-Star 40mm White Table Tennis BallsLong-Lasting: the impact of not less than 1000 times, no cracks90% Accurate1-3 Years
Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls - 3 Star
Poly plastic material - safer and more durable than traditional celluloid90% Accurate1-3 years
STIGA 1-Star Table Tennis Balls (144-Count)Recreational Quality for Family Play95% Accurate3-5 years
Nittaku Premium 3-Star BallsBrand:Nittaku
Colour : White
Quantity : 3 pieces per box
90% Accurate8-10 Years
JOOLA 4o mm Table Tennis Training Balls 12 Count Set (1- Star) Orange
High quality celluloid material for long-term use95% Accurate5-7 Years
MAPOL 50 Pack Orange 3- Star Premium Ping Pong BallsGreat for stadium,club and school,home90% Accurate5-8 Years
MAPOL 50 White 3-star 40mm Table Tennis Balls Premium Training Ping Pong Balls
Good bounce,More Power95% Accurate5-10 Years
Sportly Beer Pong Balls,38mm,144 pack
MADE TO BE HIGH QUALITY: Sportly® has created ping pong balls from top quality celluloid.90% Accurate8-10 Years

1.STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

STIGA a Swedish company is ping pong brand. It is producing quality products with all necessary standards defined by ITTF. This company has been producing products for every time of occasion, learning as well as the professional game.

Among the table tennis Balls, STIGA 3-star table tennis balls are also included in top 10 because of its superior quality and high-level performance.

These balls are produced under special conditions for the insurance of good quality, keeping in minds the parameters for an international ball.

These table tennis balls are having 2.7-gram mass and are of 40-millimeter diameter, are the standards defined by ITTF. These balls are also approved by USA table tennis.

These ping pong balls are made from regular celluloid which gives them durability, flexibility elasticity, and ball balance.

STIGA 3-star table tennis balls are designed for high performance which makes them usable in any tournament. Its superior performance includes supper control of Ball, good spin, and bonce which is according to the international rules, which makes them be the Best Ping Pong Balls for local tournaments as well as professional games.

Due to its durability, these balls can be used for training purpose. While it gives a great spin and good volley, the training layer will soon be familiar with these things and will develop game skills accordingly. It can save your both training time as well as cost by buying balls again and again.

  • STIGA 3-star table tennis balls are a complete packet of 6- balls.
  • Manufactured as 40 mm ball with 2.7 grams weight.
  • These balls provide good spin and flexibility.
  • These are perfect for every tournament game.
  • These balls are a bit longer lasting.
  • These balls produce a good bounce.
  • These balls are not in common type of player
  • These balls are a bit costly.
  • These balls are plastic Aligned.

2. 50-Pack KEVENZ 3-Star 40mm Orange Table Tennis Balls

Selecting a right equipment shows you to be a professional. In case of table tennis selecting right balls matters a lot.

If you are the professional player you must have knowledge of 1-star 2-star and 3-star balls. Let’s have a quick review of these balls.

1-star and 2-star balls are good quality balls but only suitable for training purpose. These ping pong ballsare mostly used in robot training.

3-star balls are to meet the requirements of an international tournament play and is used in professional games. These ping pong balls have parameters which are defined by ITTF.

The KEVENZ 3-star table tennis balls are 40 mm orange colored balls. These are designed especially for training purposes. These Ping Pong Balls are approved and accepted by the International Table Tennis Federation. They are manufactured in China keep a great care of the quality.

KEVENZ 3-star table tennis ball is durable and offers good bounce and great spin. Because of its suitability for multiball training, they are accepted at schools, training centers and even at robot training. These balls are perfectly working for both the beginners as well as professionals. These 3- star balls come in a packet of 50 balls.

For safety and easiness, these ping pong balls are packed into a cardboard. For better game practice and long lifetime, the Best Ping-Pong ball for you could be the KEVENZ 3- star table tennis balls. If you really are tired of breaking the cheaper table tennis balls you need to buy these ping pong balls which guarantee you a long life as compared to many products of similar type.

  • These balls have a long life with the impact of about 1000 times with not even a single crack.
  • These balls can be used for multiple games.
  • These balls are used at Schools, Training center, Robot training etc.
  • These balls are easily available in the market.
  • These balls can be used in tournaments as these are approved by International Table tennis Federation.
  • These balls are designed as per the standards set by the ITTF.
  • These balls can’t be criticized for any quality because it is complete in having every quality but there a bit different in the cost between these balls and other products present in the market.

3. 50-Pack KEVENZ 3-Star 40mm White Table Tennis Balls

Balls used in table tennis game vary in quality depending upon their use in the game.

If they are being used in an international tournament it will have different qualities and are not suitable for training purposes, as it will the different level of control, spin and bounce.

why buying one need to check the features of the Ping-Pong balls and check the level for which he is buying these ball.

In next paragraphs, you will come to know about one of the best table tennis ball used for training.

These Ping-Pong balls are used for practice for beginners to train their skills to next level. These balls have a great balance which makes them long-lasting with a feature of great spin and steady bounce.

These balls are produced at China under the care of the experts under a brand named KEVENZ. Each ball white in color has the logo of the KEVENZ brand.

These ping pong balls come in a package of 50 balls each one of them is a perfectly circular and smooth with 2.60 to 2.80 grams of weight and 39.5 to 40.5 mm in diameter. Which are the standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation for the Ping Pong Balls.

These balls can be used in all most all training methods likes Robot Training and other training along with being used in the arena of table tennis and schools. If durability and good quality are the things you want together then KEVENZ 3- star ping pong balls can be a good option for you, it gives both of these things and is packaged in cardboard for safety and easiness.

  • These balls are capable of being used in multiple pieces of training.
  • These balls are designed for training.
  • These balls provide good control and spin
  • These are durable
  • All features it has been compared to standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation and accepted.
  • The ping pong balls are the smooth and perfect circular which makes it suitable for its use in every game.
  • It is a bit costly. But if you really are a good player and can check the quality then this will seem you to be reasonable.

4.Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls – 3 Star

Keen in interest and improvement of the ping pong game provoked many companies to launch different products with new features and durability factors.

While thinking of these things many materials were used, among which very crucial came to be used is seamless plastic. This plastic gives the equipment a long life with the desired weight.

These qualities of this plastic made it suitable to be used for the manufacturing of Best Ping Pong Balls. As a result of this material lifeline of these balls was increased to an unexpected duration.

With a new technology of using Polly plastic, the ping pong balls became to be the most advanced product in the market. These Table Tennis Balls are designed with all parameters defined by International Table Tennis Federation.

It is perfectly circular and harder than other Ping Pong balls available in the market. These balls offer a great spin and steady bounce with an extended lifetime.

Seamless style is new and looks premium and makes it suitable for all type of games. Polly 3- star table tennis balls are approved by both the International Table Tennis Federation and USA table tennis for international as well as domestic tournament games.

Polly material along with adding good bounce and hardiness and unlike traditional celluloid, it is less or no flammable, which make it less dangerous for manufacturing in the company than the celluloid-based ping pong balls.

These balls manufactured with all necessary qualities which are suitable for both learners and experts in the use of training centers as well as for an international tournament game.

  • These most advanced ping pong balls with new technology.
  • These balls approved by both ITTF and USA TT for tournament games.
  • These balls are harder and offer good control and bounce.
  • Polly plastic makes it stiff and long lasting.
  • As its new technology and needs to be improved.
  • It lacks some of the features like the spin of the ball.

5.STIGA 1-Star Table Tennis Balls (144-Count)

STIGA is known to be the producer of best Ping Pong equipment. It is Swedish company busy in carving out new products with new features for a new player as well as for experts.

1- Star Ping pong ball those type of balls which are used in training and practice sessions.

There are many table tennis balls brand of 1- Star in the market making it difficult to choose one suitable for you.

In my review article, I will let you know one of the best brand, which can attract your mind to buy it for you.

For a perfect table tennis fun game, a pack of delightful Ping Pong Balls is necessary, especially when you are trying to buy balls for family games there are lots of local brands of which to select a quality product is really a hard word.

For family and friends game as well as for learning you can’t find a better a better product other than STIGA 1- Star Table Tennis Balls.

These balls are designed by experts to meet the requirement of training a new player as well as to full fill the needs of an intermediate player to take his game to next level.

More importantly, its design weight and diameter is kept as according to the international ping pong ball so that while playing one must become familiar with size and shape of a standardized ball with the standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation.

These balls provide you with an incredible bounce and control. Besides its long life, it also provides a great spin for your learning and perfecting your gaming skills.

These ping pong balls are comfortable. It comes in a pack that includes 144 ping pong balls each one of them can give you a good playtime and a perfect game.

If you have decided to buy a pack of balls for your family this could be the better option and I am sure once you used this product your unbreakable trust will be built in the product of STIGA brand.

  • These balls have the high quality performance for an active game.
  • These balls have been designed with parameters set by ITTF
  • These ping pong balls are designed to achieve high spin and bounce.
  • Pack of these balls contains 144 table tennis balls
  • These balls are durable.
  • These harder than other balls which make the better for learning.
  • STIGA 1- Star Table Tennis Balls as are for learning, seem to be costly but for those who are looking for products which can help them to take their game level up, the cost seems to be reasonable.

6.Nittaku Premium 3-Star Balls

With the level of the game, Ping Pong Racket, as well as Ping Pong Balls, also change. At professionalism, you can’t use those Rackets which you had been using for your training and exercise sessions.

In regards to producing Best, Ping Pong Balls Race is as same as it for those brands used for an initial stage of game learning.

In this regard, many popular brands are trying to produce high-quality products few of which have an honor that their products are counted in Best Top 10 ping pong products Nittaku is one of them.

Nittaku Premium 3-Star Table Tennis Balls, manufactured in Japan, are designed for professional games with 40 mm diameter and 2.7 grams weight with white in color.

These balls are perfectly round, consistent and smooth. Instead of the celluloid, these balls are manufactured from a special pally material which only is available to Nittaku Company.

This Material gives a stiffness which is not more or less than the required to have a consistent bounce. It is perfectly balanced for a good spin.

These Ping Pong Balls are Suitable and approved by the International Table Tennis Federation and are the official balls for USA table tennis. These balls have been used in many international tournaments like Us Nationals and US open tournament, the world championship in Germany, International Table Tennis Federation World Team Cup in Dubai and much more.

If you are looking for the Best Ping Pong Balls for any event or you to practice, a suitable choice for you is the Nittaku Premium 3- Star Ping Pong Balls. These balls come in Pack of 40 balls.

  • Best for any tournament game.
  • These balls are approved by ITTF.
  • These balls provide great control, spin and accurate bounce.
  • These balls are designed especially for professional games.
  • There is not any remarkable con in these ping pong balls, every user is satisfied with the performance of these balls.
  • Because it is used in international games so it may be out of range of a local player.

7.JOOLA 4o mm Table Tennis Training Balls 12 Count Set (1- Star) Orange

While in training new players must go with good equipment because the improvement of your games depends more upon this equipment than your practice time.

JOOLA is also among the leading companies which produce incredible products for learners. One of the Best Ping Pong product of JOOLA brand is discussed here

In next few paragraphs, for the learners, Best Ping Pong Ball of JOOLA brand is reviewed.

For the better training, a pack of Best Ping Pong Balls is the first requirement which can easily be filled with a single buy of JOOLA Table Tennis Balls Pack which consists of 12 ping pong balls. Each ball is manufactured with pre-defined standards of ITTF with 40 diameter and 2.7 grams weight.

These balls are made up of high-quality celluloid which ensures its long life and high performance.  These balls are coming in two colors white and orange, both fully squinted with all required qualities. These balls can perfectly be used for training and one – one match. If you really want to train yourself to perfection and want to feel that you are playing with a professional Ping-Pong ball you need to buy JOOLA 1- star table tennis ball.

These balls give you a good control, speed, accurate bounce, and durability, all these qualities make it be the Best Ping Pong Ball. These balls are reliable and comfortable.

  • These balls give a feeling of professionalism while in training session.
  • These are specially designed for initial training
  • These balls are comfortable.
  • These balls have high durability.
  • These balls provide good spin and control.
  • Cons
  • These are only used for one to one or training game.
  • These balls can’t be used in the tournament.
  • These balls are a bit expensive.
  • These are probably not suitable for international tournaments.

8.MAPOL 50 Pack Orange 3- Star Premium Ping Pong Balls

3- Star Ping Pong Balls are used by experts hence their quality and comfortability are checked and kept in mint while during it is being manufactured.

There are many famous brands for 3- star ping pongs ball but few of them have succeeded to in producing products which are ranked as Best Top Ping Pong balls one of such company is MAPOL whose product is under consideration.

These ping pong balls are designed to make ping-pong game more enjoying. These balls come in a pack of 50 balls each one them having features which are defined by the International Table Tennis Federation. These parameters defined by the ITTF the Ping Pong Balls are

  • They must be of 40 mm diameter.
  • Their weight must be equal to 2.7 grams.
  • These balls must be perfectly circular and smooth.

All of the above-mentioned parameters are kept in mind while manufacturing these ping pong balls. These are in listed in top 10 Ping Pong Balls because these provide good spin, high control, and reliability with good play time. These balls are perfect for expert level training as well as for expert’s game time. This orange in color.

  • These ping pong balls offer good and steady bounce.
  • These provide high spin and good control.
  • These balls are hard and smooth, which make them be durable.
  • These balls are good for the school play, clubs, and stadium gameplay.
  • This product has no cons

9.MAPOL 50 White 3-star 40mm Table Tennis Balls Premium Training Ping Pong Balls

The Best Ping Pong Balls the MAPOL white Premium Table Tennis Ball comes in a pack of 50 balls with white color. These balls are used for the training of players from intermediate level to per-exports level. It is one of those products which are designed for players to take their game to next level.

These balls are with a diameter of 40 mm and weight equal to 2.7 grams. Designed as per the requirements of the modern training techniques to cope with new challenges.

These balls along with a good life provide good control, consistent bounce, and good spin. Because of these qualities, these ping pong balls can be used for training at expert level. These have an extra power which it better for stroke shots. While practicing with these balls you will be able to make your game good and increase the expertise of your game.

  • These balls are well designed for improvement of your game.
  • These balls are comfortable.
  • Long lasting
  • Durable
  • Good to improve gaming skills
  • Used for training at expert level.
  • These balls only can be used for training purpose.
  • Can’t be used for competition.

 10.Sportly Beer Pong Balls,38mm,144 pack

Ping pong game is famous from the time it was first played. It is played by kids as well as aged. But for professional game one needs to work out every day with best Ping Pong equipment.

It is typical and quick game as there is a small distance between the players. So to get perfection in the game one needs to be quick and have a good footwork. Besides best ping pong racket, Ping-Pong balls are also very important. For perfect training buy a ping pong ball which is having all ITTF defined qualities. One such product is defined here.

These balls are white in color with a diameter of 38 mm. it provides all good qualities to facilitate the learners. Best practice can be achieved with these balls at the very earlier stage of learning. These ball come in a pack of 144 balls which are good enough for a big family, school or a training center.

  • These balls have a bit small size which makes them usable even in a robot training.
  • These balls are designed for the very initial training.
  • These are slow balls which help new players to focus and play shots well.
  • These balls have relatively low bounce.
  • These balls can’t be used in training of expert level.


Conclusion and Recommendations:


All of the above-mentioned products have some good qualities which are necessary for Best Ping-Pong balls. In my point of view for initial training, the best ping pong balls are

STIGA 1-Star Table Tennis Balls

Because these have a long life and provide good control high stiffness steady bounce and durability.

It is perfect for training purposes.

For professional level the best ping pong balls are

Nittaku Premium 3-Star Balls

These are made from the special plastic which only the Nittaku Company has. These balls are designed for the international game and have been used in many international tournaments. These balls are strong and perfectly circular with exactly 40 mm diameter and 2.7-gram weight. These balls provide high spin good speed and steady bounce that is calculatedly defined by the International Table Tennis Federation.

These two products can be the best choice according to the level you are standing at.

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