Best Cheap Windows Tablets

11 Best Cheap Windows TabletsGone are the days when Windows 10 devices used to cost a fortune and the cheaper options were just crap.

Today, you can well find a variety of top-quality window tablets at affordable prices.

These tablets offer consumers the best of both the worlds-portability of a handheld mobile device and the features of a mini-computer.

With this, these portable tablets are no more the perk to be enjoyed by the privileged few.

Anyone to hold a meeting out in the office or to present a report on any product or to attend an online session can carry a cost-effective and highly portable device with him/her and make his/her life a lot easier.

For increased convenience, they also offer multiple accessories, for instance, keyboards to help you type speedily.

Before handing you out our top 11 cheap window tablets, let me explain to you my definition of a ‘cheap’ tablet.

The word is taken in its extremely subjective sense here, as much of the ‘cheapness’ depends on the opinion of the customer buying it.

In this way, it means the more the value a Windows tablet has for its buyer, the cheaper it appears to him/her.

This means a ‘cheap’Windows tab to one person may be pricey for the other. With this, let’s get started with our review which will certainly help you make an informed buying decision.

11 Best Cheap Windows Tablets

Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC
(Editor’s Choice)
Dual Camera
Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PCDual Camera, 4GB RAM
Fusion5 T60 Windows Tablet PCFHD, 2GB RAM
Jumper EZpad 6 pro TabletFHD, 6GB RAM
CHUWI UBook 2 in 1 Tablet PCFHD, 8GB RAM, Dual Camera
RCA Cambio 2-in-1 Notebook Tablet2GB RAM, Dual Camera
CHUWI UBook Pro, Windows 10 Tablet PCFHD, 8GB RAM
Lenovo Flex 2-in-1 Convertible LaptopFHD, 12GB RAM
CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1inch Tablet PCFHD, 6GB RAM, UHD Graphics 600
MobileDemand Flex 10A Rugged Touchscreen Tablet4GB RAM, Dual Camera
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet 6th Gen8GB RAM, Dual Camera (HD Video Recording)


1. 10″ Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC- Top Rated

10" Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC

If you want a handheld device of about 10 inches but with Windows 10 Home in place of Android, that too without robbing yourself of your bank, this is the model for you to pick.

For this reason, it can be called the best cheap Windows tablet which will let you enjoy all the features of a laptop at a significantly reduced cost.

With its extremely efficient design for professionals, educationists and hobbyists alike, 10″ Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC is a great buy with generous storage space.

Its ultra-slim design and lightweight make it possible to carry it around in your office bag.

Fully loaded with the latest user-friendly features of Windows 10, it is a perfect tablet that allows you to enjoy all the sturdiness of a laptop. You can well choose to save any documents and media files in it as it has 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage space.

With its stable Intel Atom Cherry trail CPU, this tablet is ideal for your business, for the conduction of online classes conveniently or performance of any other work from home. It is equally efficient for watching movies and playing video games.

Its multimedia support includes multiple languages; audio formats support MP3, MP2, OCG, AAC, APE, and WMA; video format includes 3gP, MP4, MKV, MOV, and many more. Also, it supports almost all photo formats.

The screen size is 10 inches which provide an effective experience to watch your favorite movies.

For increased connectivity, it also has a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled in it which makes the transfer of files easier. Its processor is Intel Quad-core.

Even more, its wireless allows you to stay connected on hotspots. An integrated HDMI is quite helpful if you happen to watch any demonstration, a movie, or attend an online class.

The only quibble noticed with going this cheap is its low screen resolution. While the beginners might not notice the difference, it doesn’t have a complete 1080p HD quality.

  • Affordable
  • Speedy processor
  • Full Windows 10 operating system in a lightweight handheld device
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage
  • 10 inches screen
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Full-size USB port
  • Intel Quad-core processor
  • Poor quality display resolution
  • Short battery life
  • Weird speaker placement


2. 10″ Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC

Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC

Established in 2010, Fusion5 is an autonomous company offering quality Windows and Android products and is reputed to have served over a million users.

This ultra-slim Windows tablet offers a plush experience to users of watching movies on its 10 inches widescreen.

It is ultra-stylish and ultra-slim with its widescreen that provides great experience whether you are surfing, watching a movie, playing a game, mulling over a spreadsheet, or designing a logo.

Storage space and efficiency are awesome as it is equipped with Intel Quad-Core Processor, 4GB RAM, and 128 GB, which is good enough for day to day tasks. Therefore, you don’t need to fret about running short of its storage capacity.

Also, its external storage supports Micro SD card too of up to 256 GB.

Apart from supporting a variety of languages, it provides an audio format MP3, MP2, WAV, AAC, OCG; and video format WMV, MOV, AVI, and MP4.

Its connectivity is made more efficient with the inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0.

It is said to be pretty fast as you can well download Norton, Firefox, VLC player, Kindle, and many more applications.

With its mini SD card with up to 128 GB storage capacity, you can well have your favorite shows and movies downloaded on it and watch in your spare time.

Its WIFI allows you to stay connected even with hotspots too.

In sum, it proves itself to be an ideal partner, if you want to be active on social networking sites or read the news updates.

Unfortunately, its battery doesn’t last very long which can be a deal-breaker to many.

  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Good connectivity options
  • Can withstand the load off heavy applications
  • Short battery time



3. Fusion5 T60 64GB – 11.6″ Windows Tablet PC- Cheap Affordable

Fusion5 T60 64GB - 11.6" Windows Tablet PC

It runs Windows 10 fully featured Home version which is a robust operating system.

Therefore, you should expect everything from this tablet that you do on your powerful desktop computer, including all the applications and programs such as Microsoft Paint, MP3 and sound recorder, etc.

Another plus for having a full version of Windows 10 which might be of more interest to a techie is that diagnosis of problems becomes quite easy with this tablet as they are the same as in Windows 10.

Although it is not a full-power desktop computer, it is quite useful in performing all the small tasks such as corresponding via emails, shopping online, taking pictures, or recording videos on the camera.

You may take it as a glorified version of a cellphone as it is more like a gigantic phone with two cameras onboard to click selfies and make videos.

Being a tablet, it is engineered to have small rather than large heavy applications and cannot run heavy-duty 3D graphic modeling and labor demanding intensive multimedia programs.

However, it is capable to perform all the animations, drawings, painting, and the like.

With its 1.44 GHz Quad-Core processor, it gets the job satisfactorily done. However, you cannot compare it with your 3.4GHz per core or 16 Core computer that is capable to crank out 3.0 GHz.

If you want to play heavy applications such as Corel Paint Shop on it, you may find it a bit sluggish.

To adjust its performance speed, depending on whether it is plugged or on battery, there is a feature you can find with the charge battery option on the tray at the bottom of your screen.

That is a slider to change performance which you can adjust to 100 points. And if you set it to maximum, you will notice a significant change in the speed and performance. It is advisable to set it to slow when on battery, so that your battery may not drain quickly.

You will see a lot of reviews about its slow performance. Perhaps those reviewers are unaware of this feature.

As for the sound card, it is adequate, but the onboard woofers are quite faint. You are highly recommended to pair it with some headphones or computer speakers if you want to watch a movie or wish to get immersed in a gaming experience.

  • Strong enough to withstand the usual wear and tear
  • Decently user-friendly
  • Comes with a stable version of windows
  • 3 of 5 ports only
  • Not so speedy as monster computers
  • The adapter fits a bit loose in the USB port



4. Jumper EZpad 6 pro Tablet -Best Rated

Jumper EZpad 6 pro Tablet with Keyboard 11.6 Inch Touch Screen Laptop

It’s a great option if you are looking for an affordable tablet to watch some videos on Netflix or Youtube and get the other small tasks done.

Although the new brand name makes many feel skeptical about this tablet, it has some great features which make it the best value for the price.

You will be pleasantly surprised by its smooth operations, portability, fast charging capability, and convenience of use.

Much to your ease, it can be hooked up on a DVD to have a complete visual experience.

True that it slows down if you add a few heavy applications on it. However, if you choose to de fragment it every next day, which might be bothering a few, you will have a super speed performance.

Its hardware specifications include an Atom x7-E3950 CPU, preinstalled Windows 10 operating system, 1.6GHz-2.0GHz,Quad Core frequency, 6GB DDR3L memory, 64GB eMMC internal storage, 2.0MP front camera, 802.11 b/g/n+BT 4.0 Wireless LAN, BT, Intel HD Graphics 500 video card and a 7.6V/4500mAh polymer battery. Its TF card supports up to128GB expansion.

With Windows 10 in this tablet, you can expect to have improved performance and enjoy a free choice between tablet or laptop mode, which makes it a perfect pick for the professionals and hobbyists.

It also has an optional magnetic keyboard that has flexible shafts for adjusting. This can significantly improve the input experience and makes typing convenient for you.

Its 11.6 inches full HD touch screen is a visual delight while 178 degrees visual angle minimizes all the glare and makes it easy to eyes.

For intensive connectivity, this tablet comes with a USB 3.0, a micro USB, a mini HDMI, one fast charge DC port, a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, and a TF card slot.

The only downside of this tablet is that the plastic used in its manufacturing is quite flimsy and sometimes makes one apprehensive of it being broken especially when transporting daily.

A hard shell could have been a better option for its increased safety.

In sum, it’s a slim and light tablet perfectly designed for students who have to daily commute with their devices. Its sleekness makes it equally popular among teachers.

  • Cost-effective
  • Sleek
  • Efficient for daily tasks
  • Tiny keyboard
  • Normal keyboard shortcuts are not set at the right place
  • Mere cleaning with a cotton cloth can scratch the screen
  • Slow in launching applications



5. CHUWI UBook 2 in 1,11.6 inches Tablet PC

CHUWI UBook 2 in 1,11.6 inches Tablet PC

This UBook packs a huge punch of features at a budget-friendly price and gets the task done satisfactorily.

You can also opt to have a keyboard with it.

The manufacturer has done an excellent job with the drivers and overall support for Windows. Therefore, you don’t need to have your software updated yourself.

With its powerful CPU, everything opens up in front of you at a single crispy click.

You can well enjoy texting, audio, and video call with this UBook by connecting it to the internet by using 2.4G/ 5G dual-band WIFI. For enhanced connectivity, it also has Bluetooth BTS.0.

Its webcam comes with 500 megapixels rear and 200 megapixels front camera.

Its 0.22 pounds lithium battery with 26.6Wh width can be run for 6 hours at a stretch with full working time.

Its hardware specifications include two USB-A 3.0, a Type-CUSB for transferring data, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a mini display port, a TF card slot, a DC charge port, a Microphone, a Speaker, an H3 stylus, and a keyboard with no backlit.

Its spring-loaded micro SD card reader is even faster than the SD card reader on Microsoft Surface lineup.

Once inserted, the card is hard to remove especially if your hands are large.

The typing experience with its keyboard is nice with an audible clatter and firmly embedded keys. However, the center of the key feels softer than the edges which are quite hard, which sometimes gives a weird feeling. Relatively uniform keyboard feedback would have been better.

The only thing that may irk some users is its tiny touch pad.

However, a spacious screen makes for it.

Another issue reported by some users is its poor-quality touch pad. You will find it misbehaving often. At times it cannot be configured to prevent it from opening Start.

If you swipe its touch pad down from the topmost edge, it would minimize the opened window and if you choose to swipe it to the left side from the right-hand edge, it will open the notification center.

  • Good touch sensitivity
  • Excellent screen display
  • A bit under powered processor
  • Lags a bit at startup
  • Frames drop off at very high definition media
  • Poor functioning of touch pad
  • A USB-C charging could be added.



6. RCA Cambio 10″ 2-in-1 Notebook Tablet with Intel Atom  Processor


RCA Cambio 10" 2-in-1 Notebook Tablet with Intel Atom  ProcessorYou might feel at the fringe while purchasing this tablet due to some negative reviews on the old Windows tablet models by RCA which sucked some users.

However,if you venture the risk of buying RCA Cambio 10″ 2-in-1 Notebook Tablet, you won’t regret it as it will simply exceed your expectations and iron the bad impression about the brand.

Let’s start with what is obvious. Its LCD is 21 inches that rocks for watching videos, for playing games and for surfing the web.

Moreover, it is quite clear, readable, and above all touchable screen which can be set to auto-rotating too.

It’s an excellent little notebook which by disabling some unusable Windows services gives you a real snappy experience of using a tablet.

You may watch movies on Netflix and Youtube on it, after fully charged, for full 4.5 hours.

It can also be used as a semi-modular desktop computer if you equip it with a 64GB or above micro SD card and a powered USB universal docking.

Its Atom processor is primarily intended for good battery life, not games. However, you will find it more than enough for regular business and other small tasks.

It can well stand the medium weight applications such as Mumble and Discord. You will find it working impeccably well with them.

You may find it a bit slow after unboxing. However. if you disable the window services which are usually not in use, it will have improved performance and increased loading speed.

A great feature in this tablet which you might find missing in most of the other window tablets is its surprisingly spacious touch pad which is solid and extremely intuitive.

In sum, with its gigantic screen and other decent features, it’s a great value for your money. I won’t call it just a bargain, it is a nice little computer.

  • The fully legit version of Windows 10 Home
  • USB 3.0 for enhanced input and Bluetooth
  • 720p resolution
  • Flimsy keyboard
  • A GPS option could be a great addition
  • The onboard speakers are faint and suck
  • No 5GHz WIFI
  • A bit sluggish out of the box



7. CHUWI UBook Pro,12.3 Inch Windows 10 Tablet PC


CHUWI UBook Pro,12.3 Inch Windows 10 Tablet PCIt may be called a compelling alternative to the relative pricey Microsoft Surface Pro Although it doesn’t come with all the pro features of the latter, at around half of its price with a slim keyboard and a stylus, it has got much going for it,

Many tablet brands tried to copy features of Surface Pro, but if there were one brand to name which followed Surface range launched by Microsoft in the true letter and spirit, it is CHUWI. It bears a lot of resemblance with Surface Pro 7 mainly due to the same keyboard.

As for design, CHUWI underwent a significant evolution over the last four years.

Cheap material is replaced with a premium quality component as it appears that its Chinese manufacturer wants to address the higher-class buyers now, moving away from the grassroots level.

With its 292 x 208 x8.5 mm, it has more or less the same dimensions as its Microsoft rival. It weighs too almost the same.

However, you will notice the difference in integrated kickstand which appears to be a bit fragile than the one in its competitor.

You can well set it to a varied range of angles, between zero to 145 degrees.

Once set, you will find it better set at its place as compared to the rectangular-shaped plates placed in Surface Pro 7.

The speakers are fixed at either side of the notebook under the stand.

The UBook Pro is sufficiently equipped with input connectivity options, even better than its competitor. You can have two Type-A USB 3 ports, a Type-C connector, a sturdy power jack, a mini version of HDMI connector, a 3.5mm audio port, and a micro SD card reader.

With its 2 megapixels front and 5 megapixels rear camera, you can well have your pictures and videos made with it.

As for its build, it feels solid with its finely mixed components of plastic, glass, and metal.

With its 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution, the notebook gives a taller look and a square feel.

Both for visual experience and task performance, this tablet gives a solid performance. Its processor will well handle all the tasks except gaming which is a big no-no for this tab.

The only known downside so far is its DC port location which exerts extra pressure on the cable connector. It could have better located near the footprints of the tablet.

In all, its surprisingly large touch pad, responsive keyboard, and a large high- resolution display explain its popularity.

  • Well priced for the value
  • Satisfactory performance
  • The form factor is excellent
  • Balanced hardware
  • Power port could have been made a bit lower
  • Battery life could be improved



8. Lenovo Flex 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 14 Inch FHD Touchscreen


Lenovo Flex 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 14 Inch FHD TouchscreenIf you are at the lookout for something flexible and versatile laptop for your work and games but at the same time thinking of having a tablet for its portability, Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 fits your requirements as it is a sort of hybrid laptop.

Read on to check if this convertible device has all the features you want.

For its 14- and 15-inches models, there are different processors available. The best you can get in this is the 10th generation Intel Core i7 CPU.

However, the difference in terms of power and performance is nominal.

Therefore, don’t think that you are missing much on power and performance if you choose to buy a smaller version.

Both are perfect to play games such as Little PUBG and Rocket League, only if you don’t tune up the graphics.

It is sleek and highly elegant in its design. You may feel that the 15 inches version is a bit bulkier. However, both are light enough to be easily carried around while commuting. The smaller version is only 17.9mm thick and can be conveniently fit in your backpack.

The screens for both the versions are fully touchable FHD IPS panels with 1366 x 768 resolution.

It functions well not only for watching movies but is also pretty good for word processing.

The good news is that its battery can suffice you the whole working day at one full charge. They can go for a full 12.5 hours and 10.5 hours in one go respectively.

A glaring issue with this tablet is its inaccurate color grading and poor screen brightness which when combined do not make a perfect canvass, despite good screen resolution.

Moreover, the larger version also suffers due to its size as its 15.6 inches screen pulls out poor quality images, magnifying the flaws which go unnoticeable in the smaller version.

And once you get out of juice, making use of its rapid charge technology, it will get fully charged quickly.

Its Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11 WIFI translates into a decent connection with the maximum number of devices. It also offers one USB-A and one USB-C port, an SD card, and an HDMI port, an AUX port that functions for both microphones and headset.

Sadly, it doesn’t have an ethereal port, in case you require it. But its barely a feature sought after in a convertible device.

  • Aggressively low priced
  • Great battery time
  • Comes with webcam slider shutter
  • Fingerprint reader function in the keyboard deck
  • The screen is slightly dim
  • A few extra ounces of weight
  • Lacks pen



9. CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1inch Tablet PC – Best For the Value

CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1inch Tablet PC

CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1inch Tablet PCs is a wonderful option for those on the lookout of a cost-effective tablet to meet their varied needs, such as work, play, and study.

It should be appreciated for its quality, durability, and improved performance.

It is a 10.8 inches tablet that has a full HD IPS screen resolution. Powered by the Intel Atom x5 processor, it gives you a USB and dual-boot option.

You may opt for Android 5.1 or Windows 10 operating system with this tablet as it has the option for both.

With its thickness at 9mm, it appears to be thicker than most of the tablets we ran down in this review. However, there is a pretty good reason for this thickness, i.e. the slate holds two full-size USB ports and one of them is a USB 3.0.

Moreover, being thicker also translates into accommodating a larger battery inside the device.

For this tablet, CHUWI opted for more chiseled and more roundly finished corners which adds to the sleekness of battery.

Its interface with excellent running impact is perfect. The company also offers customer-friendly support.

The good news if you have made up your mind for this is that it comes with a year-long manufacturer’s warranty.

To provide improved performance, CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1inch Tablet PC comes with Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit Quad Core and graphic processor, that delivers optimal power to get the multiple tasks done.

With CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1 inch Tablet PC you can well expect to have ultra-fast net surfing.

To offer an amplified gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts, CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1 inch Tablet PC also offers a 4GB+64GB TF card. Its Bluetooth 4.0 allows ultra-speedy transmission of media files and other data.

When you switch the tablet on, a 10 inches display with 1920 x 1200-pixel resolution is revealed. However, it poses two main limitations-one of them is the screen which is reflective and more vulnerable to scratches and smudges.

Its brightness is pretty good though and the colors are quite vibrant to the eyes due to the IPS technology incorporated in the system.

Sadly, the speakers are placed on the shorter side of the tab which is not comfortable if you are watching a movie in landscape orientation.

  • Speedy processor
  • Spacious storage
  • Generous memory
  • Weirdly located speakers
  • Battery life could be made better



10. MobileDemand Flex 10A Rugged Touchscreen Tablet

MobileDemand Flex 10A Rugged Touchscreen Tablet

If you mostly use your tablet outdoors, maybe while traveling or in an uneven work zone, there are chances that your tablet gets spilled, knocked, or merely shaken around.

Mobile Demand Flex with its screen protector and over-protective casing is a perfect option to use your tablet safely in the rugged cruel world for delicate devices.

As mentioned earlier, it is meant to be used in rough and tough places, its protector and casing are sturdily built to guard it from damaging if bumped or dropped on concrete surfaces.

For increased safety, it also has an ergonomically designed carrying handle.

Built as a rugged and portable device, it is extremely light with its less than 2.5 pounds weight. This light weightiness together with a carrying strap, a protector, and casing makes it an ideal option for those who have to commute often with their device.

It also has a Snap Mounting feature which is designed to mount it on vehicles or walls for easy visibility.

Flex 10A isSTD-810G certified and is engineered to work in extremely challenging environments as well. Its sturdy build can withstand multiple raindrops or scorching heat of the sun.

The tablet has a one-year limited warranty only. However, the manufacturers, Glacier and Mobile Demand have several options to offer for extended coverage.

It comes with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS and an Intel Quad-Core processor to ensure excellent performance. The tab has 4GB memory and is crafted primarily for medium weight applications, like most of the other tablets.

It has a front HD and a rear 5 megapixels camera.

Unfortunately, it lacks the program startup button that is usually there on the other options available in the market.

However,Mobile Demand Flex leads as far as the ports are concerned. It has a slot for a micro SD card, a 2.0 USB, and a 3.0 USB port, an audio connector, and an HDMI.

You can well tether it to its stylus, but it lacks a slot to carry it. However, it can be slid in its flexible cloth sleeve.

To the downside, Mobile Demand Flex is sold at a pretty attractive amount. For the price, it cannot be called highly efficient as the other expensive options. However, it offers a comfortable degree of ruggedness for its price

  • Easy mobility with strap and handle
  • Gets charged via standard USB cable
  • Relatively small-sized and lighter in the tablets classed as rugged.
  • Dull display
  • Middle-level performance



11. Latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet 6th Generation 

Latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet 6th Generation 

Realistically designed to replace a laptop, Surface Pro 4 is a top-notch tablet that deserves a place on your list when you are on the lookout for an alternative for your laptop.

Although it has been iterated twice now, first by the surface Pro in 2017, later by Pro 6, this model is worth consideration and still exerts its influence on the subsequent Surface devices.

Unlike its predecessor Surface Pro 3, which had Windows 8.1 as its main operating system, Surface Pro 4 runs on preinstalled Windows 10. This surely is massive progress for this model. Much of why it is still considered an excellent device depends on this gigantic part.

One can see in Surface pro 4 all the efforts Microsoft is putting in refining the devices. The same simple design of Surface Pro 3 is tuned up and improved for Surface pro 4. The new model is shaved almost about half a milli meter from the chassis and is laden with an updated Microsoft logo.

Moreover, it has got an innovative surface pen that operates with a relatively better intuiting as compared with the previous models. The screen too is of a higher resolution (2,736 x 1, 824).

Its display is crisp clear, especially when compared with that of its elder sibling.

When it comes to performance, Surface Pro 4 doesn’t show a remarkable difference from its predecessors. However, you can expect to have a slightly improved gaming performance. It can run Hearthstone at its highest graphics settings and adapts to the resolution automatically.

Understandably, the Surface Pro 4 comes with few limitations too. The first being its short battery life. Another thing that leaves a bad taste in the mouth is that its type of cover is sold separately but is quite comfortable while typing.

These minor issues aside, Surface pro 4 remains unbeatable with its smart features and excellent quality and makes a great buy for newcomers.

  • Relatively sharp and large screen with almost equal dimensions
  • The significantly improved type cover
  • An improved Surface pen
  • An entry-level Intel Core m 3
  • Battery life isn’t much improved

Buying Guide for The Best Cheap Windows Tablets in 2020

  • Design

Since your Windows tablet is something you will carry with you most of the time, such as while going to the office, university or for recreation, your foremost concern should be a convenient design with a low weight.

We recommend sticking somewhere between 10-13 inches in most of the cases, for utmost comfort when you hold it in a table or tent mode.

As for weight, choose the one weighing between 1.5 to 2 pounds range so that the device doesn’t become too heavy to hold.

The possible reason to go beyond this weight range could be to include keyboard but even then, look for the lightest model available in the market.

  • Features

While most of you would look at the RAM and CPU in the first place, there are other features you may want to see while buying your Windows tablets, such as screen resolution, the novelty in architecture, certain additional whistles and bells. These extra features will make your device look better than its competitors.

The minimum recommended screen resolution for Windows tablets is 1920 X 1080. Most of the models above $200 meet this minimum requirement for screen resolution. If you choose an extreme budget model windows tablet, it will surely have skimped on screen resolution.

The add on features could also include a stylus, a detachable or permanent keyboard with an option to flip neatly back.

Finally, you should also consider various port configuration options that come with windows tablets. They might be needed for connecting external drives or maybe for hooking your tablet up to a monitor for demonstrations.

  • Performance

Remember, windows or any tablets can’t be compared with full laptops as far as hardware is concerned. However, if you spend some time online or in a physical tech store to compare specs, you can get a pretty fast device that is speedy in loading apps.

Given the extensive nature of the OS, these tablets require various bare minimum specs than their Android and iOS counterparts.

Take a word of advice!If you choose an extremely low RAM and CPU, you will have your money wasted on a tablet which will take drastically the longer time to load applications.

Now, you might be thinking what’s the minimum recommendable RAM and CPU range. The answer is no less than 4GB RAM and no less than 64GB storage capacity. If you settle for less, you will drain your money.

As for speed, it is highly recommended to pick a unit featuring an eMMC or SSD rather than the one having standard HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

  • Battery

Perhaps this point should have been positioned at the top of my Things to Consider list. The reason being the short battery life will drag even the rich-featured, best quality window tablet down to 1 star in rating as it’s the longevity of battery in tablet which lets you enjoy its portability. Otherwise, it will be no better than a conventional desktop computer.

The wisdom is never to skimp out on this critical feature.

For this, you need to carefully read readers’ reviews on the battery life of the model you narrow yourself down to. For the models picked for this article, we have mentioned battery life in pros and cons.

Understandably, given the hardware involved in window tablets’ making, they consume comparatively more battery power as compared to their Android counterparts.

It is advisable to pick the model with a minimum of 6 hours of battery life. However, the more the better. Go for the one with 8 to 10 hours battery time if you are not the type to plug your device into a power outlet again and again.

Depending on different features, there is a wide range of Windows tablets stacked there in the tech market. We, in this quick rundown, have attempted to narrow all this variety down to the top 11 best and affordable models in 2020 so that your buying burden may be shared a bit. Choose one with the best-suited features out of our list and rest assured it is of reliable quality and will prove itself to be a trusted partner.

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